About Us

Making memories together with Dads through inspirational idea's when you need it most


What is Daddy Days ?

Daddy Days was created to answer the simple question "What shall I do with the kids today?" when you're in charge (or you just want to impress your significant other!!) 

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My name is Paul Knight I'm the founder of Daddy Days (and a Dad to twin girls) where I hope you find inspiration for what to do on those days when you're in charge of the little monkeys. I decided to create the site because I thought it would be something I would want to use and to help other dads like me who have days when you think "What shall I do now". If you like it please share it.....





If you would like something more or different please share with us your thoughts on our contact us page


What do we do?

We provide inspiration for things to do with kids from ages 2-12 broadly in 2 groups (Inside Activities and Outside Activities). Within each activity, you will have an indication of how long it will take, How much its costs and the general age group we feel it's appropriate for.

How much does it cost?

It's Free!!! We hope to pay for the costs of operating the site through advertising and in the future Amazon purchase referrals.  

How do I get in touch

Please use our contact us page located here

If you want to propose an activity we offer a prize for any suggestions which we develop into an activity. Click here to find out more