Why use Daddy Days?

"Here to help with inspiration for you and your kids when you need it most"

With Daddy Days you get :

For dads by dads

Activities are written for busy dads(And Uncles) by busy dads

The activities are written in a way that's quick to understand with all of the info you need


It's free. 

We don't charge for usage of the site. Cost for the site are paid through advertising

Unique to you

For kids ages from 2 - 12

More than 1 child of different ages/abilities? We provide tools to find something which fits

Fun and educational

Fun and Educational for the kids (and you)

All of our activities should be fun but also we try to help with their development


Flexible (inside and outside activities)

The weather's not great/Need to stay in?  Need to get out of the home? There are activities for you


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