Pots and pans orchestra

pots and pans

Pots and pans orchestra

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About this activity

You may need ear plugs and understanding neighbours for this one but young children love this one.Create lots of noise and let them understand that different materials and sizes make different noises. 

What you will need

  • Metal, Plastic or wooden bowls from the kitchen 
  • Woden, plastic or metal spoons or cooking implements 
  • Ear plugs for you :->


Setup of the tray

Dig out all of those pots and pans from the kitchen cupboards and place them on the floor or table. Mix them of facing up and down as this effects the noise they make

Now find a mixture of Wooden spoons, metal spoons, spatulas etc and place them next to the pots and pans. 

You're ready to go !!!

Note: We don't recommend items that can break such as glass and ceramics unless you are sure they won't get hit hard enough to break. 

pots and pans

Let the "Music" begin

Introduce your child to the different sounds hitting different items makes when hitting with different material spoons etc...

For younger children you may want for them to just "Freestyle" for older children why not play some music in the background and lets them play along.